Screening Stocks for Trading

It doesn’t matter what kind of short term stock trading you are doing, you need to have a good screening method before you execute any sort of trade. This goes with binary options, too. Binary options do require a higher degree of specialization by default, simply because of the fact that there are fewer choices

Google Has a Big Day

Google had a big day on Friday, July 17th. The stock exploded by over 16 percent for a $93.08 gain, bringing the stock up to a little over $672 per share. There were obviously a lot of factors that came together to cause this to happen, and looking at what they were can help us

Getting Down with Gold

How Gold Moves with Other Assets

Some assets have a direct impact upon the price of another asset. It’s called the market pull effect, and while it’s never 100% exact, it can be a good measure for whether or not a trade is right at a particular moment. For example, the price of the Australian dollar and gold usually move pretty