Google Moving to Alphabet

Google is restructuring. They will be giving themselves a parent company, called “Alphabet,” and there’s a ton of buzz about it right now in the business and financial worlds. As CEO Larry Page said, Google is doing great right now, but they can do even better. Alphabet allows Google to keep doing what they do,

China Investing in U.S. Research

One technique that long term investors use to help find potential investment ideas is to watch where money is flowing into and out of. For example, one current trend is that money is flowing out of China and into U.S. based research and development companies. Like with any other event in the financial world, an

Bitcoin has a Real Chance

The BitCoin has Potential

There’s no doubt that you’ve heard the saying that technology makes the world smaller. This is certainly true when it comes to international marketplaces, but that doesn’t mean that the way that business is run between nations has changed all that much. In reality, the system has just become much faster because of the instantaneous

They need Money

How Greece Impacts the U.S.

Analysts believe that for the beginning of the week, U.S. stocks will follow European stocks downward in price. The major indices are already pointing downward, and the big culprit is the Greece debate. In a “last ditch” effort for resolution over the weekend, no agreement could be made between Greece and its debtors, indicating that