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STEM Subjects


Helping you discover the chemical process related to living organisms in order to formulate the right point of understanding.

Computer Science

Interacting with data and processing the same through algorithms to gain a grip over the basics that revolve around computer science.


Studying different topics revolving around quantities, space and structures without following generally accepted definitions.


The natural science of studying the matter to figure out its behaviour in space and time in order to enter the realm of analytics.

“SciFiles has bestowed me with immense opportunities that helped me discover a unique and special path of knowledge and understanding.”

– Ron T. Rose

Teaching Practical Science

With the use of credible aspects and features, we proceed to make a mark with practical science as our knowledge on the field is well on schedule to push you forward.

Inspiring Young People in STEM

Inspiring a generation of individuals to discover and upgrade their methods of thinking, as a move to help them achieve the extraordinary and question the drawbacks of placing a limit.


Teaching STEM 

Our Mission 

By spreading knowledge to the ones that deserve it the most, we strive to create a world where individuals solve problems through an analytical mode of understanding that also stands to be a great deal for their future. As a result, we are closely involved in the process of creating capable and enhanced minds of thinking.

Microcredentials and Programs

Mini degrees and certificates on specific areas will promote you to achieve the next task that is needed to gain a firm of grip on the subject. With this in hand, you are further advancing your limits by displaying the fact that your goals are high up in the sky.

Latest News and Updates

What Can Minnows Tell Us About Ecotoxicity

What Can Minnows Tell Us About Ecotoxicity

Fathead minnow cells are the new “canaries in the cave” “We produce over 70,000 chemicals that end up in freshwater ecosystems,” said Chris Vulpe, PhD, title at the University of California, Berkeley. “Worse, we don’t know the toxicity or potential environmental...

Red Grouper: Prairie Dogs Of Florida Bay?

Red Grouper: Prairie Dogs Of Florida Bay?

Why? Red grouper increase the amount of complex habitat in the bay by cleaning out holes that have been filled in with sediment, bits of broken shells, and dead algae. The red grouper dig out holes so they can hide from predators, but in the process they create...


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