Getting the Right Help

Asking for help is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness. The sooner you shed this mindset, the better off you will be, and the sooner you can start boosting your profit rate.

Where to Ask

There are many great places to get help with your binary options trading. Since you will do all of your trading on your computer, it only makes sense that you should be getting much of your help from off of the computer, too. There are many online tutorials, some offered by brokers themselves. This is smart for the brokers; when they are able to better educate their clients, the clients stay around for longer and keep generating the brokerage money. Even an overall winning trader creates a steady source of profit for the broker, so this is a good way to keep themselves in business. Some of these online courses are good, others are not so good. Still, they are a good place to start for a beginner.

Advanced traders need more. Some brokers do have advanced classes, and these might be helpful to you, but the majority of your new trading strategies and ideas should come from other sources than the broker you use. Instead, look to online trading forums, chat rooms, and other discussion areas. These are full of smart and experienced traders like you. Many of them can learn from you, and you can probably learn from many of them. Being part of a community is a huge boost for your confidence, too, as you can see what kind of success they are having and build off of that. It’s a good way to keep moving forward when your trading seems to be in a slump.
Education Makes the Difference


There are tons of books out there on short term trading, but not many print books about binaries. However, ebooks exist on the topic, and there are quite a few good ones. Focusing on these once in a while is not going to give you the sort of real time experience that a forum or class will, but they will expose you to new ways of thinking about the markets and thus give you more opportunities for expanding your trading. If anything, when things start to go sour, ebooks are a resource that you can use to reinvigorate your trading and breathe some new life into what you do.

Customer Service

Some of the bigger sites have trading managers there to help out bigger customers. If you’re a pro trader, this is something to consider. These managers will be able to point you toward new strategies to consider, hot trends in the binary world, and other things that you might not have thought of on your own. A trading assistant or manager is also a good way to help you figure out when your broker is going to introduce new bonuses that you qualify for. While it’s not technically a trading thing, it is free money that you can use to make even more money, and this is the overall goal of what we’re doing. Money is the objective, and having a customer service rep alert you of new ways to make it is always a plus.


Besides the courses that your broker offers, there are tons of private courses out there. Some are on free sites like YouTube, others you will have to pay to access. If paying a tiny bit for a course upsets you, consider the fact that you are investing in yourself so that you can make more money down the road. Just make sure that the course covers topics that you have not already mastered and that they will be of some use to you. This way, you will be able to justify spending your cash and time on it. A lot of professional traders have access to these and being part of a larger community (like in the above discussed forums) will let you know when these are beginning.